We've been making streaming social video chat software since we first copyrighted it in 1995.
Our streaming video business solution is designed to get you up and running immediately.

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The best your customer can get

Ultravid makes video chat software for the social industry! For over seventeen years we have made our software with your online video chat business in mind. We take great pride in our accomplishment as the best your customer can get. It's what visitors to your site expect and what you should demand from your software publisher.

This is a "no lies" zone! After nearly two decades of being imitated by amateurs from all around the world, sometimes a few choice words are all that come to mind. So before you do anything else lets establish a few facts that can't be faked by our so-called competition. A little bit of research now can go a long way towards making sure you don't get ripped off later on.

Ever since we copyrighted and introduced the first social video chat software for dial-up pay-per-view in 1995 to our own social site members, attempts have been made to copy our success. Back in those days dial-up and AOL were king, and broadband was scarce. At first we limited our software for use on our own site hoping to speed the recovery of the half a million dollars invested since its concept a year earlier in 1994. However, keeping it to ourselves in spite of the demand only served to create a void that would be filled by someone else if we weren't willing to act fast. By the summer of 1996 we had given our video chat software a name, Ultravid, and began introducing it at industry trade shows. Today everyone claims to be the worlds first, biggest and fastest. Most software programmers, especially those outside the United States have resorted to shameless lies reminiscent of the snake-oil salesmen of the wild west.

As a savvy entrepreneur interested in creating a profitable online business you need to buy from most reputable software publisher instead of being sucked in by the most shameless liar. So to help start you off on the right track, we would like to introduce ourselves to you by establishing our identity. We challenge any other company to do the same.

Lets start with our claim that we are over 16 years old. Take a moment to visit the whois at Network Solutions and research the domain name ultravid.com. As you scan down you will notice that we have owned this domain name since 16-Jul-1996. You will also discover that this domain is owned by an American citizen living in Tennessee. Call the number listed and Mark will answer. How about something from the independent news media? If you click this link you will go to a CNet news article published over 16 years ago featuring Ultravid! Our wannabe competitors can't show you these things because unlike their false claims, some things simply cannot be faked!

So why is all this important? As an American based company we are bound by our truth in advertising laws. We have to stick by our warranties and be true to our obligations or risk being sued. Our over ten years in business is proof by any measure of our products success, our expertise and our extended commitment to this industry. We are constantly developing our lines to stay on the cutting edge and offer lifetime support and upgrades on everything we sell.

The Interactive Video Business is recession proof! No matter what is happening in the financial world, men and women will never stop flirting! Interaction with the opposite sex offers temporary relief from the problems of the day, and in fact, some of the biggest gains in the live video chat business have been during times of financial stress. The best time to invest in this industry is now!

Don't buy generic! One-size-fits-all software products that have been shoddily adapted to the social industry are a disaster! Any jackass can make software to put video on a web page, but that's only a tiny part of the overall picture. Ultravid is the only company dedicated specifically to the Social Industry.  Other products may look similar, or have a few common features, but only Ultravid and Firecracker products are made to exactly fit social business models.

Buyer Be Aware...  Know what you are getting before you buy!  Arm yourself with common sense about Social Video Software before you loose your money.  Follow this link to three minutes of reading that could save you thousands!

Social Video Chat Software

What is Ultravid? Simply put, Ultravid is a software design company that specializes in business enabling and streaming video chat software for the Social Industry.  Thinking of starting your own 'friends', 'live', 'flirt' or 'voyeur' site? You've come to the right place.  How about starting your own studio filled with live entertainers?  We can do that too, right down to the back-office management and automated billing.  Visit our Product Selection Guide to help decide what you need.  At Ultravid, streaming video chat software is what made our reputation and gave us our start, but we're so much more.  Ultravid offers all the software and support you'll need to make your Internet video chat business dreams a reality.

To see our one of our millenium software products still in operation after it's original release over 13 years ago, visit the Nude Girls Social Club. They have been using our software for over 17 years and more nude webcam girls have used the Ultravid and Firecracker Video brands than any other.

The nude girls social club

Ultravid.net streaming video chat software, developed in 2007, is an updated version of the worlds first pay-per-view interactive software that we invented and copyrighted back in 1995. It was the culmination of over a decade of experience using our products to make money on our own social web sites. We utilize Microsoft's most powerful video engine to produce the fastest full screen streaming video and audio possible on the Internet today. Faster than any flash based application at a third of the bandwidth means you will offer your customers superior interactivity and more connections per server! This product does it all, including the ability to configure as a central server providing custom hosting services to several social video chat sites each with their own performers and members and the same time. There are so many features of this new product that we've created a whole site dedicated just to it, please visit www.ultravid.net for complete details. As with all our products, free installation and support is included to get you up and running fast.

Out of our sense of nostalgia, we thought it would be only fitting to demo the new Ultravid.net video chat software at the same place we first introduced the Ultravid Dial-up application over a decade ago. Give us a call and we'll be happy to email you a link. We invite you to poke around and even sign up as a performer to play with the software. Of course, call us if you have any questions or need help or explanations about anything.

Ultravid's Firecracker Video Software, version 2.3 first released in 2006, is the ultimate offering in our line of java based video chat. Designed to be a low bandwidth option for sites targeting the millions of Internet users still browsing below the 56k (sub broadband and dial-up) level. This less-competitive market offers incredible profit potential and will continue to for many years to come. Just like our Ultravid.net product this is a complete turn-key solution. Everything is included; several customer and performer databases, automatic credit card billing, advanced customer management, built-in 2-tier affiliate program, placeholder web pages, the works.  All you have to do is let us install the software on your machine, modify the graphics on the placeholder pages to give it your own look, and you're in business.  The components in this total solution are still in current use by some of the biggest interactive sites in the world.  Give your business the boost it deserves by adding a low-bandwidth option to your visitors that don't have broadband. Firecracker servers are available at a discount to purchasers of our Ultravid.net product so you can offer complete services to users at all access levels.

How to contact us This page puts you in touch with the right Ultravid representative for your needs.

Ultravid makes the business enabling interactive video chat software that lets your Internet business dreams and profits fly!  Whether you use video chat software to interface directly from your website with your visitors or you charge your members for participation on a pay-to-view basis, Ultravid has the technology and experience to keep you on the cutting edge.  In 1995, Ultravid became the first company in the world to introduce interactive streaming video chat software to the internet marketplace.  Unlike today, back then there were only a handful of websites, but the response was so great, we knew we were onto something big.  Today, Ultravid software exists on millions of hard drives in North America, South America and Europe.  So what does all this mean to you? Quite simply, it means that Ultravid will be here working for you long into the future.  It means that we have the resources for expensive research and development to keep our products and your business on the absolute cutting edge of technology.

Writing an article for Time Digital in June of 1997, author M. Myers wrote, 'If the Internet video chat industry ever reaches into the billions, the benefactors should give a westward tip of the hat in thanks to Ultravid'. It's safer and easier to follow in someone else's footsteps, but blazing new trails is what keeps the software business fun.